Lucas Nascom Small Lynx Electronics Gemini Small


Items for Sale - A Notice

This section is intended to supply items to get old machines working again, not as a mass production facility so please don't ask for bulk quantities of any item, supplies are limited.


Boards & Cards

All boards are tested before delivery. Any item that is Dead on Arrival will be replaced / repaired free of charge. Due to the age of these items, this is the only warranty I can give.




All items are duplicates of original system diskettes, tested on an actual target system, and supplied on new media. Appropriate documentation for most items can be found elsewhere on this site in PDF form.

Lucas Nascom CP/M 2.2 Rev 2.1 £3.00
Lucas Nascom CP/M 2.2 Rev 3.2 £3.00
Lucas Nascom Extended Basic (CP/M) Rev 3.2C £3.00
Lucas Nascom Extended Basic (NAS-DOS) Rev 3.2D £3.00
AVC Demo Disk (NAS-DOS) Rev 0.2 £3.00
AVC Demo Disk (NAS-DOS) Rev 1.2 £3.00
AVC Demo Disk (NAS-DOS) Rev 2.0 £3.00
LOTTI (NAS-DOS) Rev 1.2D £3.00
MANOR (NAS-DOS) Rev 5.0 £3.00
Lucas Nascom NAS-DOS Utilities (Original Release) £3.00
Lucas Nascom NAS-DOS Utilities Rev 5.1 £3.00
Creatures - AVC / NAS-DOS Game £3.00
NAS-SEMBLER, NAS-DOS Assembler £3.00
Hisoft Z80 Development System (CP/M) £3.00
GM512 CP/M 2.2 for Gemini £3.00
GM513 CP/M 2.2 for GM809 + Nascom £3.00
Hosoft CP/M Pascal for GM809 £3.00
GM522 Compas for Nascom Video (CP/M) DD/DS £3.00
GM541 GEMPEN VG:1 £3.00



Items are new / pulls as stated in the descriptions. Some items are available in limited quantity only. Appropriate protective ESD packaging is used where appropriate. Any item that is Dead on Arrival will be replaced / refunded as appropriate. PROM's will be programmed with the default codes, however custom specifications can be set as required.

Floppy Disk Controller - 1797 - New £8.00
Z80A Microprocessor - New
Z80B Microprocessor - New
Z80A PIO - New
6402 UART - New £5.00
Z80A Counter Timer (CTC) - New
4116 DRAM - Pull £0.50
2708 EPROM - Pull
2716 EPROM - Pull
Nascom PROM - N2MD - New (State Standard, CP/M etc) £5.00
Nascom PROM - N2 I/O - New £7.00
Nascom PROM - N2V/2H - New £7.00
Nascom PROM - N2DB - New £7.00
NAS-SYS 1 - Original ROM - Pull £4.00
DP8304 Octal Bus Transceiver - New £4.00
81LS95 - 3 State Hex Buffer - New £2.00
81LS97 - 3 State Hex Buffer - New £2.00