Lucas Nascom Small Lynx Electronics Gemini Small

Nascom / Lucas  - Advanced Video Controller - Model B Issue B


Full colour card produced after the rescue of Nascom by Lucas Logic.  This large card (10 by 8 inch) card held 48K of DRAM, divided into 16K per RGB channel.  The red / green channels could be be combined into one green plane to give a memory mapped 80 column display for use with CP/M.

The AVC proved is an excellent high resolution card at a reasonable price point.  Its high-res green mode gives a very capable display for CP/M.

The only apparent changes between the Issue A and Issue B boards is the positioning of the PL3 video connector and its pin out. The reasons for these changes are unknown as they do not appear to change the functionality of the board.

Technical Details


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Nascom / Lucas  - Advanced Video Controller - Model B Issue B

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