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Nascom 2 - Advanced Z80 Single Board Computer


Following on from the success of the Nascom 1 came the Nascom 2.  This can be thought of a Nascom 1 + Buffer Board + extra memory sockets, running at 4MHz.  The whole package is mounted onto a 12x8 inch PCB which was big enough to be a challenge to build.  To finish the package off was an 8K ROM based Basic supplied by Microsoft (I wonder what ever happened to them?)

The board was designed to take 8 x 4118 1K RAM devices.  However, a world shortage of these devices forced Nascom to supply memory via DRAM memory card (RAM 'A').  This extra expense proved to be the beginning of the end of Nascom.

Technical Details


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Nascom 2 - Advanced Z80 Single Board Computer

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