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Nascom 2 CP/NET - Advanced Z80 Single Board Computer


Lucas Logic did not develop the Nascom 2 range further as technology advanced but did produce one very strange machine.  They required a workstation, based around CP/M.  The answer was to use CP/NET in ROM talking via NAS-NET to a server.  To do this, a standard Nascom 2 with a small piggy back board was released.   After reset, the memory map is dynamically changed to page out EPROM's approximately one second after power up / reset, thus leaving a full 64K of RAM available.

The board was designed to either run NAS-SYS 3A / NAS-DOS or CP/NET via the CP-NOS ROMs.  The only information I have on this board is the one I bought (Shown in the photo).  The piggy-back board is professionally made, complete with a Lucas inscription and serial number.  No documentation is known to exist.

The board may have been used in conjunction with the AVC Model 'C' which appears to have been a stripped down release for workstation use.

Only one card is known to exist.

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Nascom 2 CP/NET - Advanced Z80 Single Board Computer

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