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This site started late 2016 as a mirror of Richard Espley's original work hosted at, but over time some maintenance edits took place:


Moved site from XHTML to HTML5.


Added hardware manual of GM818, contributed by Richard.


Added hardware and software manuals of GM811, contributed by Freek Oost.


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Changed absolute paths to relative.


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Updated external links.


Updated site history.


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Removed obsolete house buying request.
Setting up

The following is the original site history by Richard Espley:


Still a lack of new hardware but I am getting increasing emails from people asking for equipment.  Once brave person is even building a system board from scratch.  Colour me impressed if it works.   On the house front, a stalemate seems to have been reached.  Buyers not willing to drop prices further, sellers waiting for drops.  Looking at the financials, increasing repossessions Q3 should see the drops resume.


Not done a lot as the supply of new & interesting hardware has just about dried up.  I suppose this was bound to happen eventually.  On the house front, price are crashing and I'm now interested again in buying.  At this rate it will be buy one get one free before too long.


Still too much work and not enough play.  I should get a chance to get some updates in as I'm not doing a silly amount of hours at work and my house hunting has stopped.  Amazing how fast things have turned around, already back to Jan 2007 prices and going down fast. Very very fast.


Too much work, not enough life! Started putting up pages for the many and varied disk systems for Nascom / Gemini.  If anyone has information on the rarer systems, hard drives etc, I would be grateful to get copies and scans.

So, looks like the great housing crash is on.  Reminds me of the late 80's, early 90's once again.  Drop of 1.1% last month, so that's a £2750 drop on a £250,000 house which equates to an average earning of around £4000 before tax per month.  So, hands up, how many people can afford an annual pay cut of £48,000?


I've finally been able to get hold of a Nascom 1 PSU.  Images added but still no paper work. Anyone got a scan of the manual? 

In other news, the house hunt has been postponed.  Since prices are now on the slide I'm going to wait to see what happens unless someone has a good offer.  Any BTL (Buy to Loose) feeling the pinch and want a quick way out?


I'm back! I've been far too busy completing a project at work and trying to buy a house (For more information on a tail of woe, see the new pages). Started to add high quality scans being donated by Ole Kiilerich from Denmark. Cheers!


General tidy up on missing images, plus a few new ones in the Gemini section


Added information on MAP-80 Systems products.  I only have a limited amount of information so anything in this area would be gratefully received.


Updated GM813 CPU, GM829 FDC and GM333  RAM Disk very high quality document scans .  Kindly supplied by Freek Oost. Thanks!


Most of my Gemini stuff is now on the site.  Must start scanning and photographing again!


Steadily getting through the Gemini pages. I never realised they made so much stuff!


More pages, and more pages. Also a few interesting links to other Nascom / Gemini sites.


More Gemini pages...


Completed the initial pass through for the Nascom pages.


Progress is slow due to pressure of work.  I have now made a start in the Nascom section.  I would also like to give thanks to Freek Oust who has been emailing me with a number of very high quality document scans for the web site.


Yet more pages added


All magazines uploaded and now starting to work on the Gemini boards and associated documentation.  I've finally found some information on the Gemini Network so I'm going to look at incorporating it into my emulator platform.


Uploading changes as I get them done.


All Change! Over the last year it has been increasingly difficult to source new and interesting 80-BUS related items. However, I have recently acquired two large batches of interesting stuff. Due to the changes needed to accommodate these new items, I've taken the opportunity to revamp the site. The full update will take a few weeks so please be patient.


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