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RAM 'B' - 48K DRAM Memory Card


After RAM 'A', a new card was produced which was originally announced as part of the System 80 design.  This was a fully buffer affair with no bad handling characteristics and an interesting extension known as 'Page Mode'.  Page mode allowed the card to be switched on and off via an I/O port.  Up to four cards could be held in a system with different addresses.

Why this card was only equipped with 48K is something of a mystery.  Gemini produced a 64K card as one their first products which was fully compatible with page mode.  Being a similar price it was fairly obvious which would be the card of choice.

It should be noted that a 16K 'piggy back' upgrade kit was produced later to give a full 64K.

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RAM 'B' - 48K DRAM Memory Card

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